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Officers of the Mission



Commodore Vinay Kumar Sawhney

Defence Attaché

Tel: 56-222081042
Email: dachile.ids@nic.in



Mr. V. Venkataraman

Counsellor (Pol & HOC)

Tel: 56-222284141 / 222071562
Email: hoc.santiago@mea.gov.in



Mr. Harish Baxla

Second Secretary (Cons, ITEC, Education)

Tel: 56-222081930
Email: cons.santiago@mea.gov.in



Mr. Jyotir Moy Sarkar

Attaché (Accounts & Property)

Tel: 56-222635817
Email: admn.santiago@mea.gov.in



Mr. Hemraj

Attaché (PS) to Ambassador

Tel: 56-222085025
Email: amboffice.santiago@mea.gov.in



Mr. Baija Nath Prasad

Attaché (General Administration)

Tel: 56-222284141
Email: admn1.santiago@mea.gov.in



Mr. Ravinder Saini

Assistant Attaché (Accounts)

Tel: 56-222284141
Email: accounts.santiago@mea.gov.in



Mr. Mohamed Ali

Assistant to DA

Tel: 56-222081042
Email: dachile.ids@nic.in





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